Snelle Wip

Client: RIEC Limburg Date: September 2019 - October 2019 Collaborators: Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, What If Lab VNG

Live research into the taboos around sexworkers for the province of Limburg at the Dutch Design Week.

We designed conversation tools to be used at the DDW to start the discussion about sex workers. These tools were created so we could change the information, contents and research question on the fly.

During 7 days, I was present full-time at the DDW to collect insights from visitors, analyze them, and come up with new ideas on how we could tackle the problematic image of the sex industry.

These countless conversations with visitors really strengthened my interviewing skills, and learned me how to have a casual conversation while also gathering information and not letting my personal views cloud the questions.

I was in the “knowledge lead” in this project, having conducted all preliminary research into the topic and being most present at the DDW. A large part of my role was thus to structure the information and identify gaps or patterns in insights. In discussions with the employees of A/BZ I learned a lot on how to structure the research process and which steps we could take next.